Sunday, March 24, 2013

Amy Pond Police Outfit

Me as Amy Pond (left) and Karen Gillan as Amy Pond (right) 

Inspiration: Doctor Who, of course!  Amy Pond is my favorite Doctor Who companion (Donna being a close second). Dr. Who has also inspired me to create tutorials for The Exploding TARDIS and TARDIS Legwarmers here on Craftimism.
Two of my friends and I decided to dress up as characters from Doctor Who for St. Louis's Comic Con this past weekend.  I may have been one of the least nerdy people there. I didn't get many of the references or recognize a lot of the people who were dressed up (or even some of the celebrities), but it was so much fun to go in costume.  I feel like that is the only way to go to a comic con!  I felt like a celebrity the entire day, as we had a ton of people stop to take pictures of us.  It was so much fun!

I transformed myself into Amy Pond by assembling the outfit.  I had a white button up shirt and black belt, sewed the skirt, vest, and scarf, and found all the accessories at the dollar store.  I am a novice sewer and was happy with the results.  Keep reading for details on how to make the outfit and where to find the accessories and to see more awesome pictures of our comic con adventure.  

Amy Pond Police Outfit essentials:
  • White button up collared shirt
  • Vest (I made mine from a black T-shirt
  • Skirt - made from knit material, can reuse a T-shirt or buy knit fabric
  • Scarf - Sewn from fabric (I found the fabric square at JoAnn) and a black strip of T-shirt material
  • Black Belt - Mine wasn't quite right, but I went with it :)
  • Accessories - handcuffs and cell phone case for the belt (found at Dollar Tree for $1 each), police radio (I could not find one, so I omitted it)
  • Hair spray color/hair dye (unless you are naturally red headed)

Half Red
Hair - I was thinking about doing a temporary hair color (I think you can get ones that wash out in a few months), but I could not find what I was looking for at Wal-mart or Walgreens.  Instead, I used my dollar tree clearance spray on hair color that had been in my Halloween box for years.  I have naturally sandy blonde hair and I was worried the color would be bright red, but it turned out more natural than I expected, and best of all, it washed out in ~5 shampoos.  The directions said not to use on hair that had been highlighted in the previous year.  I highlighted my hair for my Halloween outfit in October, and it did not wash out as easily from those sections of my hair, but it did eventually wash out (thank goodness!).  I put the color in 1 section at a time and combed it through with a wide toothed comb.  I also sprayed it on my hand and rubbed it through my hair as well.  I rubbed a small amount on my eyebrows.  Then I had to wipe of the excess staining on my forehead with soap and water.  My sink looked like a crime scene by the time I was done. :)

Skirt - To make the skirt, I used a polyester/cotton knit material.  You could easily recycle a black T-shirt.  Follow the diagram below to make a custom miniskirt.

Vest - Follow the instructions below to make a vest from a T-Shirt.  If you are a more advanced sewer and want to create a more accurate police vest, check out this blog post.  

Scarf - I cut a rectangle of the checkered fabric, folded it in half, scrunched it up a little bit and sewed a seam about 1 inch below the fold.  I cut a strip of leftover T-shirt material and threaded it through the seam so I could tie on the scarf.
The Doctor, Amy, and Rory - At the beginning of the day 
At the Doctor Who booth.  We felt at home there. :)

Family Photo!  We found River!

A different Doctor with the Ponds

We found more of the Doctor Who gang!  Captain Jack, Rose, Donna, the 10th Doctor, Amy, and the 11th Doctor - Don't Blink!

Police Amy and action figure Amy :) At the end of the day.

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  1. Thank you for this awesome tutorial! I plan on using this for Florida Supercon next week. Thanks!! :)