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Bacteria dying upon oxygen depletion - From Figure 1 of Arjes, et al
July 2019 - I published my research article "Biosurfactant production maintains viability in anoxic conditions by depolarizing the membrane in Bacillus subtilisabout how a bacterium that needs oxygen responds to oxygen starvation (hint, it's not good - most of the cells die and rupture, but I discovered ~10% remain alive due to a molecule that pokes holes in the cell membrane). This is on BioRXIV here (and currently under review at Current Biology): 

March 2018 featured my instagram post of my evil eye gloves

February 2018  - This article features my craftivism through science knitting

July/August 2017 - Stanford Magazine article: "Messages in Yarn, Postdoc knits Resistor Hats"

23. April 2017 - PBS News Hour included me and mentioned Project Thinking Cap in their feature article "Stitch by Stitch, a brief history of knitting and activism"

20. April 2017  - BuzzFeed featured Project Thinking Cap and the Resistor Hat design for the March for Science

18. April 2017 - KCRW (LA public radio) featured the Resistor Hat (and my voice) on their Design and Architecture show (Begin at ~1:30 for the March for Science and Resistor Hat feature) 

13. April 2017 - SF Chronicle Newspaper article - It's April - Put on your thinking (or drinking) cap

11. April 2017 - The March for Science searches for its pussyhat

9. April 2017 - My knitting group and I were featured knitting hats for the March for Science on ABC7 Bay Area News (trying to get ABC7 to put story online, tweet them requesting it) :)

8. April 2017 - IT Breaking News - Delightfully geeky beanies are the perfect headwear for scientists of the resistance

7. April 2017 - HUFFINGTON POST wrote an article about me and my Resistor hats!!

7. April 2017 - My Resistor Hat featured on

4. April 2017 - The Stanford Daily published a story about how I use my knit hat designs for science outreach and for the March for Science.

3. April 2017 - KQED (San Francisco Public Radio) aired a story about the Resistor Hat during Morning Edition. Text version of the story linked below:

31. March 2017 - Discover magazine posted about my Resistor Hat and science outreach.

31. March 2017 - - Microbiologist knits 'Resistor Hats' for science advocacy:

30. March 2017 - Stanford Medicine featured myself and the Resistor Hat Story:

29. March 2017 - The Stanford News published a story about my Resistor Hat and other knits designed for the March for Science.

15. March 2017 - Knitting green and blue hats for #projectthinkingcap was featured on 100 days action

6. Dec 2016 - I was selected to present my work in the Stanford Postdoctoral Research Symposium:
22. February 2017 - The Resistor Hat was featured in

13. October 2015I published a paper in the journal BMC Microbiology describing the molecular mechanisms of the bacterial cell division protein FtsZ and, specifically, how subunit-subunit interactions can facilitate protein function of mutants with reduced GTPase activity.

4. April 2015 - In the loop knitting featured my frozen Anna, Elsa, and Olaf knit hats

6. October 2014 - My T-shirt yarn arm knit scarf was featured in

29. August 2014 - The St. Louis Business Journal gave a shout-out to my research.

28. August 2014 My paper published in the journal Current Biology describing the link between bacterial cell division and DNA replication was featured by the Washington University in St. Louis News and

25. September 2014 - Biotech Calendar - WUSTL Microbiologists Zombify Bacteria to Fight Infection -

26. November 2012 I published a post in the American Society for Microbiology's blog Small Things Considered about how localized cell death drives the characteristic wrinkling of Bacillus subtilis biofilms.

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