Monday, March 11, 2013

Flower Headband

This headband completes the set of winter wear accessories I made my friend Casie.  Casie is from Minnesota and currently lives near Chicago.  Since she encounters cold and windy weather a lot, I decided to make her super warm mittens, a cowl, and this headband.  I visited her a few weeks ago and gave her the cowl.  Since visiting, I made her mittens with flaps (also pictured below) and this headband with a crocheted flower.

If you want to buy this headband, check out Craftimsim on Etsy and feel free to contact me for a custom order.

I designed this headband based on the cream headband she had.  These seem to be all the rage this year, and I was dying to try to knit the headband and crochet a flower for the headband.  To make the headband as warm as possible, I used super bulky yarn (Lion Brand Hometown USA in Portland Wine) and used less than one skein for this pattern.  I forgot how much a stockinette stitch rolls under but for a headband so the headband has a definite tendency to roll inward on itself.  It is not a huge problem, as you can press it flat when putting it on.  The pictures are all the original pattern I made in stockinette stitch, but I have adjusted the pattern so that it won't roll under for your project. :)  The updated pattern can be found here.

A note on the following photos:
One morning it was snowing and I wanted to take pictures of myself in the headband and mittens.  I rigged up a makeshift tripod consisting of 2 stools and a kickball trophy and balanced my camera on one tier of the trophy, and set the timer on my camera.  If you scroll really fast, it kind of looks like a flip book!  Enjoy!

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