Monday, April 15, 2013

Mario Knit Hat 2 - In color!

This hat was a special request by my friend Nick Tran.  I based the design upon the Mario Hat pattern (posted on this blog on November 13, 2012).  He requested a green brim, green and red flowers, and yellow stars on a blue background that would resemble a level in Super Mario.  He also wanted a fireball pompom on the top.  I dug in my stash and found the appropriate colors and got to work.

I based this pattern off the original pattern, but I paid more attention when I was decreasing and took much better notes.  I altered the pattern after completing the hat by removing a row from the flower stem and the row between the flowers and the stars.  This will allow more room to complete the star before decreasing.  The next time I will make this hat, I will follow those instructions and document the result.  The updated pattern can be found here.

Even though the stars are a little squished at the top, I really like the finished product.  As with many of my patterns, you often must carry the non-worked color behind for quite a few stitches and it is essential to wrap that yarn around the worked stitch behind the pattern to maintain the stretch. 

Click here for directions for the original Mario Knit Hat

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