Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Evil Eye Gloves - Crochet Version

Krista Suh's newest craftivist movement is to create a sea of eyes at the March for our Lives to show congress we are watching and we are holding them accountable. She is organizing the effort to collect gloves in Washington, DC. Check out her website here to see where to send the gloves.

Help create a Sea of Eyes at the March for Our Lives
Source: http://kristasuh.com/evil-eye-glove/
I was immediately on board and I designed my own knit colorwork version (see it here). I challenged my friend Silke, the most talented crochet designer I know, to design a crocheted pair of gloves. She did not disappoint and came up with these awesome gloves. These glove are not simply an eye appliquéd onto simple gloves, they are just one layer throughout. She enlisted her friend Stefanie to help her write up the pattern. Stefanie originally created the pattern in German and then translated it to English. Check out more of Stefanie's designs here: http://kreativmittaeschwerk.blogspot.com/ They gave me permission to put the English pattern on my website and I am honored to help share it with everyone.

GET THE PATTERN HERE> Click here to download the pattern. Click here to see the original German version of the pattern.

This pattern is very thorough and has step-by-step instructions so hopefully even beginning crocheters can make it. Comment below if you have any questions about the pattern and I'll run them by Silke and Stefanie.

This crochet eye could also be sewn onto simple knit or crochet fingerless gloves.

Silke modeling her gloves.

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