Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Evil Eye Gloves

This week, Krista Suh (the Pussyhat Project creator) launched her next craftivism project. Just like she created a "sea of pink" for the Women's March, she wants to create a "sea of eyes" at the 2018 March for our Lives. She enlisted Kat Coyle (Pussyhat original designer) to design knit fingerless gloves with eyes embroidered into the palm. These eyes will show those in power that we are watching them and we will hold them accountable for their actions. Krista is leading the effort to have gloves sent to DC to support the students that will be marching. Her initial goal is 438 pairs of gloves - one pair to represent each person killed or injured in school shootings from 2014-present. I like to imagine these gloves giving representation to the victims, a symbolic gesture that the victims are present and watching in spirit. Please take the time to check out Krista's webpage for the original evil eye glove pattern and more details about the project and where to send gloves in DC (

Click here to get a pdf of my pattern. I designed my gloves in the round version of the Evil Eye Mitts using stranded colorwork to add the eye design.  If you have any questions about the pattern or find a mistake, please let me know!

Per Krista's request please share your projects using these hashtags on social media: #evileyegloves #marchforourlives

I had a request for a chart with the thumb gusset directions included. Here it is with the thumb gusset directions in words to the right for the 32 stitch cast on. The thick lines indicate where I would place stitch markers if using magic loop:

Here it is without lashes - (for the 32 stitch cast on):


  1. On the graph for Glove 2, it looks like the extra rows need to be reversed. :)

  2. Thank you so much for the new charts, Heidi. I really appreciate your help.

    -- Sinead

  3. I think I'll make these in Night Vale colors