Thursday, October 9, 2014

T-shirt Lining for Knit Hats Tutorial

 I love knitting hats. There is nothing like the feeling of accomplishment and joy I have when finishing a hat and wearing it with pride. However, on the super cold and windy days, I often opt for a store bought hat, simply because it has a fleece lining and keeps my ears warm.

I solved this problem last year by designing a lining for my bulky hat with earflaps. Best of all, this lining is made out of stretchy knit T-shirt material, so it should fit most hats and heads (and provide yet another way to reuse old T-shirts - other T-shirt projects seen here, here, and here).


  1. Cut your T-shirt under the sleeves as shown. Then cut up the side so that you have one long rectangle of material.
  2. Lay your hat along the bottom of the shirt material. Begin cutting, using the hat as a pattern as shown.
  3. Flip your hat over onto the material and continue cutting. 
  4. Fold the cut portion of the T-shirt material in half. Using the hat as a pattern, trim the top so that the material forms a semi-circle.
  5. Line the material up, you should have two layers of material.
  6. Sew a seam along the material, allowing ~1.5 inches for the seam.
  7. Try on the lining to make sure it fits your head. If necessary, trim it a bit from the base.
  8. Sew the lining to the hat interior  ~1 inch from the brim of the hat. Also secure the top of the knit hat to the top of the lining at this point.
  9. Cut two triangle shapes and sew them to the inside of the flaps as shown.
Enjoy your warm homemade hat!

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