Sunday, October 12, 2014

Warm Bulky Hipster Hat

I designed this hat for my friend and photographer, Pablo Tsukayama. Like me, Pablo is also a scientist with a serious hobby - he is a very talented photographer! He has been nice enough to take pictures of me and my knitting projects for this blog and my etsy shop. Thanks to him, you are not stuck looking at my selfies (but if you want more selfies, follow me on instagram). Check out his website for more of his photos. 

To thank Pablo for being my photographer, I designed this Hipster Hat that is warmer than his current hipster hat. This pattern uses two strands of worsted weight yarn worked as one to make the hat even warmer (but could easily be made with any bulky yarn). The fit is very loose and it can be worn slouchy as shown or could even be folded over like a stocking hat (making it much less hipster).

The pattern for the hat can be found here. It is a very simple pattern and depending on your gauge, can be easily adjusted to make it larger or smaller.

Photo credit: Pablo Tsukayama

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