Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Uterus Patterned Knit Hat

I'd like to welcome the newest addition to my #KnitYourPhD line of #ScienceKnits: this amazing uterus patterned knit hat. 

One of the things I love about making PhD-related items is the chance to explain the awesome research of my friends on this blog. This hat was designed for Dr. Erin Reinl, my amazing friend who just earned her PhD at Washington University in St. Louis. During her PhD, Erin studied the uterus. In particular, she investigated the function of an ion channel that was involved in uterine contractions during labor. She found that this ion channel was important for successful labor and her work contributes to a broader understanding of uterine contractibility and dysfunctional labor. Isn't that cool!

To design Erin's hat, I took some inspiration from the cake at her celebration party after she defended her thesis. The "You do You(terus)" theme was awesome and I could not wait to put uteri on a knit hat. This is even better than that time I put sperm on a hat. I may have to start a new line of "ReproductionKnits."

The pattern for the hat can be found here on Ravelry, here on Craftsy, or purchased directly here.

Thanks to Kat Ng for taking the photos of me in the Uterus Hat.


  1. Hi,
    I actually know Erin :)
    I have to have this hat :)
    I unfortunately don't have the skills or time to make it as awesome as you have but, I will find someone to make it. I'm a post doc in the lab that Dr. Reinl got her PhD. Uteruses over Duderuses :) Thanks so much for creating this.

    1. Hello, Thanks for your comment and compliment on the hat. This was by far my favorite pattern design of the year. If you can't find anyone who knits and would like to commission one from me, please contact me through my etsy store ( or you could get my email address through Erin. Good luck with the science!