Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Magic Mouse Slippers DIY

Is your magic mouse making TOO MUCH NOISE? Try this! 

We recently got two magic mice for the common computers in my lab. One mouse worked flawlessly but the other scraped against the desk, which was very annoying. Apparently sometimes the "feet" on the mouse do not allow enough space for the metal battery cover. One solution was to buy Fliders, or "slippers" for $10. I thought this was rather silly that after buying an expensive mouse, Apple will rake in ten more dollars because of a design flaw. C'mon!
So I looked through my desk drawer to try to find a DIY solution to this problem. I was able to literally put a bandaid on the problem. I cut a large fabric bandaid into strips as shown below and then stuck those strips on the mouse. Problem solved! 

If you are trying this, make sure you use a fabric bandaid as the plastic ones will not glide properly.
Steps: 1) Find magic mouse. 2) Clean rubber feet. 3) Cut the bandaid in strips that are the width of the rubber feet. 4) Attach the strips to the rubber feet. The scraping should be gone! If the noise is still present, repeat with another layer of bandaid strips.

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