Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wine Box Planters

I love planting vegetables, watering them, encouraging the tiny shoots, relishing in the first buds and then eating the final project. Unfortunately, I live in an apartment and cannot have a real garden. I have been growing tomatoes and peppers in a repurposed recycling bin for the last few years. 

This year, I wanted to expand and plant some greens in my garden. To do this, I repurposed these wine boxes into planters, put them in my backyard, sowed some seeds and watched the plants grow. 


Step 1: Gather wine boxes. I found these at a local wine shop for $2.00 a piece.

Step 2: Drill holes in the bottom of the box for drainage.

I drilled 5 holes in each box.

Step 3: Place boxes in a sunny location.

Step 4: Fill boxes with soil.

Step 5: Plant seeds. I used disposable chop sticks as markers.

After about a week some shoots are coming up!

Yay for fresh healthy food! Hopefully I can eat some of it before the rabbits!

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