Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Doctor Who Mugs

I made these mugs for my good friends and Doctor Who fans Casie and Adam. These mugs are the fourth in my Doctor Who craft series - click the links to see the Exploding TardisPolice Box Legwarmers, and the Amy Pond Police Outfit

Check out my Etsy store (Craftimism on Etsy) if you would like some custom Doctor Who Mugs.

Supplies needed:
Enamel paint
Paint brushes
Toothpics for adding details and fine lettering
Clean mugs

Clean the mugs with soap and water and wipe with rubbing alcohol. Avoid touching the areas of the mug that you will paint after this point, as the oils from your skin will prevent the paint from setting on the ceramic. Paint the designs on the mugs and let dry 3 weeks or bake according to the instructions on the paint to set the paint. The mugs should be hand washed in warm soapy water.

To make the "I heart heart the Doctor" and the "Bowties are cool" mugs, I used red and black paint. I used small paintbrushes to paint on the lettering and the heart and bowties. I mixed some red and black paint to make a dark red for the bowtie.

For the Police Box Mug, I used blue, white, and black paint. I mixed black and blue for the detailing on the police box. I used a toothpick for the fine lettering "Police Box" and for the lettering on the back.

For the Weeping Angel Mug, I used black, silver, and white paint. I made my angel too fat to begin with and then painted white around the angel to thin her up a little. I painted the grey background for the angel and then used a toothpick for the detailing. See below for the mugs in progress.

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