Thursday, June 20, 2013

Petri Dish Art

I work in a microbiology lab and I decided to make some petri dish art in between experiments last week.

Using permanent markers, I filled the bottom of the petri dish with color as best I could. I then dropped isopropanol (rubbing alcohol) onto the petri dish and waited for the drops to evaporate, making cool patterns.

This could be done at home with empty lids, permanent markers, and rubbing alcohol. You can drop the alcohol in ordered drops or splatter it  to make different patterns.

To put the finishing touches on this art project, I glued the lids on the petri dishes using my hot glue gun. I then glued ribbons on so that I can hang the art up in my window. This was a great way to spend a little downtime in lab. :)

Procrastination at its finest. 
I call this one "Starry Plate"

Finished products.

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