Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pottery Knit Hat

The inspiration: 
My brother Dan is a high school art teacher.  One of his favorite hobbies is making some awesome pottery.  He even has his own pottery wheel in his garage and makes a lot of creative designs.  Check out the picture below featuring some of my favorite pottery that he has made.  He  also makes some amazing jewelry made out of shed deer antler beads.  Check out his Etsy account by clicking here - sorry for the shameless plug, but the jewelry really is very beautiful.

To celebrate my brother's artistic talents I decided to make him a unique hat with various pottery designs for Christmas this year.

The design:  This hat was made with brown yarn and I used a variegated yarn for the pots.  I was hoping the yarn would make a striped pattern, but instead it ended up making the pattern you see on the hat.  Even though it did not end up being striped, I still like the vase designs.  I hope my brother liked it too!  The pattern can be found here and more information about the pattern can be found on here.

My brother made some geometric pottery this past summer - he is very talented!  Check out his facebook page here.

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