Thursday, December 27, 2012

Football Patterned Knit Hat

Thanksmas Stocking Hat Gifts, 2012
Inspiration: My brother-in-law John is a high school football coach so I wanted to make him a hat to wear under the Friday Night Lights.  He coaches at Maquoketa Valley High School, so I designed a pattern with a football and the letters MV.

I used Red Heart With Love black yarn because it is a bit softer and warmer than regular red heart yarn.  For the gold, I used a small amount of regular red heart yarn.  This design can be easily adapted to your own high school or college by changing the colors and the letters.  If the letters change width you will just need to alter the spacing between the footballs and the letters.  The pattern I designed is best when used with two letters, but it could be adapted for more.  To do that, you would have to either make the letters smaller, or take out a football.  You could also just knit multiple footballs, but make sure to cast on enough to fit the head of the person you are knitting for.  Click here for a pdf of the pattern.

A special thanks to Pablo Tsukayama for taking the picture of me in the hat!

An inside-out picture of the hat.
Make sure to twist the non-worked yarn around the worked
yarn every few stitches as shown to keep the work stretchy.

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