Friday, April 3, 2020

How to wear a fabric mask properly

Hi all, your friendly neighborhood microbiologist here.

If you are going to wear a fabric mask, you might as well do it properly! I made a video to demonstrate how to properly wear your fabric masks.

See my previous post for a full blown demonstration of making a fabric mask using my favorite pattern (AB for a nurse by a nurse).

In brief:

1) Put your mask on with clean hands BEFORE leaving your house. Adjust the fit so that it is snug BEFORE leaving the house.

2) DO NOT fiddle, touch, or do anything to your mask when you are out and about. Just let it be!

3) Once you are home, assume your hands are contaminated. Carefully remove the mask keeping your hands far from your eyes, nose, or mouth. Then, WASH YOUR HANDS properly.

Quarantine the mask for 3+ days (if it is not dirty) or hand wash it with hot soapy water when it is dirty and air dry (you can machine wash it if yours does not have an added nose wire).

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