Saturday, May 6, 2017

Yarn under the microscope

Wool - 10X
I am a microbiologist and a knitter. As a microbiologist, I have access to some fancy lab equipment. As a knitter, I have A LOT of yarn (seriously, my one of my kitchen cabinets is chock full with yarn as I have more yarn than kitchen items).

Last week, I decided to look at yarn under the microscope. Enjoy these photos of yarn up close!

Stereoscope (aka dissecting microscope) images: 10X magnification

Using the lab stereoscope to look at yarn at the CalAcademy's Maker's Night Nightlife

Wool - 10X

Wool 10X

Baby Alpaca/silk blend - focused on two alpaca fibers above the strand

Baby Alpaca/silk - a cut edge with baby alpaca (reddish fibers) and silk (thinner fibers)



Acrylic - focused on fibers above the strand of yarn

Acrylic - focused below on that strand of yarn

Compound microscope images - 60X magnification - all images are on the same scale, shortest side is 0.1 micrometers

One of our lab's compound light microscope



This one was in the silk/baby alpaca mix - I think it is silk

Baby Alpaca

Adult Alpaca - note the air pockets in the fiber - this helps alpaca fibers retain more heat


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