Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mini Erlenmeyer Flask and Water Drop

I was challenged to design a mini Erlenmeyer Flask that could be used as a pin in the March for Science. I think I rose to the challenge and designed this super fun and fast knit. I also designed a water drop that symbolizes the need for safe drinking water. 

These could be attached to a safety pin and used as a pin. They also could be sewn onto any simple knit hat or headband for Project Thinking Cap.

Would you like to see more science minis? Let me know what you would like in the comments.

Click here for the pattern.

I designed a wider option for the flask - pictured here. Apologies for the poor picture quality. Will get a better one in time. See this PDF (Click here) for the original flask and water drop pattern, use modifications below for a wider flask.

Wide-bottomed erlenmeyer flask
© Heidi Arjes, 2017. This pattern is for personal use only. Commercial use without written permission of the author is prohibited.

With bottom color:
Cast on 16, divide onto 2 needles (8 stitches per needle), join to knit in the round.
Knit 1 round
*K2tog, K6* repeat twice

Switch to off white:
*K2tog, K5* repeat twice
*K2tog, K4* repeat twice
*K2tog, K3* repeat twice
Now you should have 5 stitches on your needles.
Knit around for 4 rounds
Bind off by cutting yarn and weaving yarn tail through the 5 stitches and pull tight. Weave in ends

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