Thursday, August 14, 2014

Mouse fingerless mittens

Meet Kelsey Tinkum, the inspiration for another biology themed knit item. Kelsey recently received her PhD from Washington University where, as one facet of her PhD work, she studied the adverse side effects of chemotherapy using mice as a model organism. She also developed new tools to study the cell cycle and identified a novel mechanism of how one cell cycle gene is regulated. To see more of Kelsey's prolific PhD work, click here

To celebrate Kelsey's thesis defense and thank her for taking the time to read and provide insight to an early version of my own manuscript, I made her these mouse fingerless mittens to keep her hands warm when typing up her next paper. The pattern for these fingerless mittens can be found here on Ravelry and here on Craftsy

Photo credit: Pablo Tsukayama (the first 3, the 2 not as good photos were my own:))

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