Friday, March 21, 2014

Ode to a lost hat

This post goes out to one of my favorite hats that I unfortunately lost last week somewhere between a wedding reception and the hotel in Naperville, IL. Because I am feeling sentimental today, I wrote a note to my lost hat. Who knows, maybe through the power of the internet, it will make its way back to me.

Dearest Hat with Purple Stripes,

You were so fun to knit and worked up so quickly. I designed you specifically to match my purple jacket and, boy did I get a lot of compliments on you. You saw me through 3 winters and were the perfect size and never messed up my hair that much. I hope you are not forever stuck in a lost and found box or a landmill. May someone nice find you and give you a new head to warm. I might be able to knit a hat just like you, but remember, you were the original. I will miss you Black Hat with Purple Stripes.

Your designer,


Notes on how to make this hat -
I think I used a size 8 16" circular needle and knit ~5 rows in a K5P5 pattern (maybe casting on 60?). I knit the purple stripes as shown and decreased first in the purled areas and then in the knit areas when there were no purled areas remaining. If I remake this hat, I will actually write down a pattern as I go.

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