Monday, March 10, 2014

Butterfly Baby Toy

Few and far between

You may have noticed that I have made several thesis hats for my friends (Nic's Clover Hat, Loren's Prairie Dog Hat, Greg's Mouse Hat, Erica's Sperm Hat, and Beth's Neuron Hat).

Now it is my turn to defend my thesis in a few months, so between writing a dissertation, working on papers, and figuring out what I will do after graduation, I will have less time to maintain my blog. I will try to post when I can (or when I need some productive procrastination). So if my posts become few and far between, I am sorry.

That being said, I would like to share a baby toy I made from some leftover baby blanket yarn a few years ago.

A cuddly butterfly baby toy

I made this snuggly baby blanket toy a few years ago out of some leftover baby blanket yarn. I knit an X pattern (top picture) and then folded a cylinder into the center of the work for the butterfly's body. I used some fiberfill to stuff the body. Then I sewed the seam to complete the butterfly's body. To complete, I tied a piece of yarn around the neck. I had not started documenting my patterns when I made this, but if I make another, I will write down the pattern and post it here.

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