Monday, December 30, 2013

Tetris Knit Hat

I have been daydreaming about this hat for a long time. I made the chart for it months ago and was just waiting for someone to make it for. For Christmas, I made my boyfriend's family knit items and he mentioned his brother likes video games and likes colorful designs. So I decided to make my chart into a reality and knit this hat for him. It is more difficult than the 2-colored stranded hats because it has a lot of colors (at one point, I was working with red, orange, yellow and blue at the same time) but as long as you wrap the non-worked colors behind the work every 2-3 stitches and keep the tension loose, the hat will maintain its stretch. See here for an example of this.

Click here to see information about this hat on Ravelry, here to buy this pattern through Ravelry and here to view details and/or buy it on Craftsy.

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