Sunday, November 17, 2013

Chess Patterned Knit Hat

Meet Matt, the inspiration for my most recent hat. Matt is a very talented photographer and has captured some great pictures of me and my creations for this blog. As a thank you for taking great pictures of me and humoring my modeling attempts and always making me and my knit hats and accessories look fantastic, I decided to make him a hat.

Matt has played chess ever since he was a little kid and is very good at it! He now passes on his love of the game to local youth by teaching at the chess club. To honor his love of chess, I designed this hat that depicts chess pieces around the brim. I really hope he likes it!

As designed, it fits a medium adult head and will stretch to fit larger heads as well. I made it black with white chess pieces but it could also be made in white with black chess pieces. The pattern for this hat can be found here on Ravelry or here on Craftsy
Photos by Matt Menietti

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