Monday, June 3, 2013

Embroidered Eye Tutorial

Here is a tutorial about how to embroider eyes.  This is how I made the eyes on the Elmo and Cookie Monster Hats, the Polar Bear Hat, and the Penguin Hat (coming soon!).

Start with a long piece of yarn (at least a few feet, maybe longer)

1. Sew a five-sided star the size of the finished eye.

2-3. Weave the long tail of yarn over one star point and under the next.

4-5. Continue around until the eye looks like a circle and the star points are full.  Tie the yarn in the back of the work and weave in the end.

6. Repeat for the second eye.  Ta-da!  A circular embroidered eye looks great on this Penguin Hat.

©Heidi Arjes, 2012. This tutorial is for personal use only. Commercial use without written permission of the author is prohibited.


  1. Looking for tutorial for ebriodered eyes on Olaf hat but can't find it

    1. If you are looking for the tutorial from my olaf hat pattern (, this is the tutorial for the pupil of the eye. The pattern has pictures of how the rest of the eye should look, but does not have a step-by-step tutorial.

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