Thursday, November 29, 2012

Polar Bear Knit Hat

Delta Polar Bear Napkins source
The inspiration:
I was flying back from my friend Sarah's wedding a few weeks ago. When the flight attendant handed me my drink, the accompanying napkin was none other than the Coca Cola polar bear theme. I thought, "Wouldn't that make a cute baby hat!"

After finishing some other hats (cat hat, Bird-dog hat, pottery hat, and Football hat), I was all set to begin this hat.  Luckily, I was also home for Thanksgiving and my 8-month-old niece Quinn nearby so I could make sure I got the fit right. The hat pattern is written for her (17" head size) but would stretch to fit most babies from 6 months to 1+ year. It is very easy to make the hat larger for older kids or smaller for infants by changing the number of stitches cast on. Click here for the pattern. For a tutorial on embroidering the eyes, click here.

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