Sunday, February 12, 2017

DNA double helix knit hat

Hi everyone! This is a super short post that will be filled in at a later date. I wanted to share my pattern for the DNA double helix pattern. It is pretty much identical to the Resistor Hat pattern with a different colorwork pattern. Enjoy!

The link to the knitting pattern is here.

I hope to have a real knit hat to share with you within a day or so. :)

Update 2/12/17 in the evening - working on this now and not super happy with the base pairing - it makes the pattern look messy - I'd recommend leaving the base pairs out and just going with the backbone in the pattern.

Update 2/18/17 - the double helix pattern with base pairs is growing on me. I think I like it better than the double helix without basepairs. Waiting for a sunny day to get some better photos.
My prototype double helix hat and a double helix headband (without base pairs)

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